Register attorneys for your e-business services

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This will also be covered at the Clerk staff training held the same day as the attorney training.

What is the purpose of the Attorney E-Business Registration Form?

This form is used to register for Judici E-Filing or electronic service of Judici e-filings by attorneys who want e-service even though they don't want to e-file. It basically gives the court and Judici the same attorney account info (including e-mail address and attorney registration number), so that Judici can knows which cases an attorney can e-file on. Courts can also send e-mails to attorneys directly from their case management system.

The form is NOT required in courts not offering e-filing- accessing useful attorney-centric useful features of Judici's Courtlook subscription service, such as online access to case files in courts which offer it, does also require that the court and Judici both have the same account info. But if the court doesn't offer e-filing, online registration is sufficient. So, interested attorneys should be directed to to learn how to get a Courtlook subscription. If they already have a subscription but it just isn’t showing their case list, schedule or documents, have them check out the troubleshooting guide at [Cnv, make sure link converts properly] or just send us an e-mail.

To see which courts offer Judici E-Filing and online document access, see

Why register using a paper form instead of doing it online?

To avoid someone pretending to be an attorney and making e-filings. Anyone can get an attorney's registration number, then use it to register for a Judici account. So the court needs to verify the written signature on the registration form against something in their files, and only then should they put the account info into their case management system so that Judici can allow them to e-file.

Why require the attorney to register in each court?

Before a court allows someone to e-file as a particular attorney, they should do their own verification of signature, etc. Judici doesn't have access to attorney signatures, so we can't verify registrations. And it's too important to just trust another court's word that they did such a verification.

How do attorneys register for e-filing/e-service?

There are two ways the court can register attorneys:

    • Direct them to the signup process at Among other things, that will lead them to the registration form.

    • Print out a few E-Business Registration forms, available from, and put them on your counter or mail them to attorneys. The form does change occasionally, so courts should re-download it when re-stocking their counter.

Once attorneys are registered, direct them to Getting started with Judici E-Filing [Cnv link 500] for startup assistance, including a link complete E-Filing User Guide

How to process the E-Business Registration forms

The instructions are at the bottom of the form