Useful links to Judici on court websites

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Help direct users of your website to the Judici services you offer by including links with basic explanation on your web page.

If you accept payment types which Judici doesn't support, such as payment of child support admin fees or telephone payments, you'll want to include that information.

Consider the following layout for your website. These links are Ogle County's, but we can provide you the correct links for your county upon request:

Search case information

Make a payment

    • Traffic tickets

      • DUI and traffic cases

      • Plea & pay "May Appear" traffic and conservation citations

      • Request supervision on "may appear" traffic citations

Pay fines & costs

      • Criminal cases (DUIs, ordinance violations, felonies and misdemeanors)

      • Civil and probate cases (link to CourtMoney, GovPayNet, Illinois E-Pay, etc.)

      • Filing fees

      • Fines & costs on probate cases

      • Child support and maintenance payments (link to CourtMoney, GovPayNet, Illinois E-Pay, etc.)

      • Alimony, child support and maintenance payments

      • Annual $36.00 child support and maintenance fee (link to CourtMoney, GovPayNet, Illinois E-Pay, etc.)

      • Pay by phone (provide info if applicable)

Services for attorneys