Online traffic school applications

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This feature is under construction- stay tuned

An online application has the advantages that nobody can forget to register for traffic school, and the violator will not have to re-enter data already in the court’s records (e,g. name, DOB). The disadvantage is that the online forms are "text-only", so your traffic school may need to make some changes to their form if it relies on things like bold, underlining, bullets & images.


  • Questions/answers can be fill-in-the-blank or multiple choice

  • Unlike a mail-in form, we will be able to make a question “required”, though this won’t help on follow-up questions like “If you answered ‘College’, please indicate degree(s) received”.

  • As with a mail-in form, fill-in-the-blank answers such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers may not be valid.

Once the entire e-plea/e-sup process is complete, the registration info will be e-mailed to the traffic school, with a cc to the court