Setting up an interface with an e-citation vendor

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1/3/2023 - Updated some testing code values due to a change in our test server's data

1/4/2024 - reorganized for clarity

02/15/2024 - Made adjustments

Prerequisites to e-citation implementation

The court must contract for a required paid service on their CMS.  No certification testing can take place until this has happened.

Required data format

e_citation_service_producer.xsd  - the XML schema for providing electronic citation data from a single traffic stop/incident.

e_citation_service_producer.html - a human-readable version of the same thing

Certification testing

Each e-citation vendor must successfully certification a test system initially, and must recertify one implementation per court as well. 

Required agency/officer testing code values for initial certification

Use the following values (or let us know if if this isn't possible):

Required violator/litigant testing code values for initial certification

Use the following litigant for all citations except the CA/MX test (Test #4):

For Test #4, use the following, respectively:

Test scenarios

BEFORE TESTING!  Judici staff processing the test files shall verify that the client has signed a proposal for e-citation services.

The e-cation vendor should create the following test citations,  while configured using the testing code values referenced above.  All test data should include the citation PDFs in-line as per the above-referenced schema. 

Revised 02/15/2024

A single test ticket should represent only one scenario

NOTE 1: The e-citation vendor has the option when submitting their tests to affirm that one or more tests aren't even possible with their system or in the given county being tested.

Issues which the e-citation vendor shall affirm during testing that they comply with specs (available here), since these really can't be tested:

PLEASE NOTE: Officer names cannot have periods in them; otherwise, our system will error-out.

Court configuration review prior to go-live

Key code values


The e-citation vendor should work with the court to configure their systems to match up with key data in the court's CMS:

Other court configuration

What tools are required to get the data to the court? This depend on which e-citation vendor you use.  The follow vendors are certified for e-citation submission:

Where should a vendor-provided tools such as DigiTicket's be installed?

It's the court's choice what PC should run a program which gets the data.

Where incoming e-citation data is to be put?

It should go in the same location where the court keeps its Imaging files (since that is reliably available). Where is this?

For example: \\\Imaging 

How do the e-citations get from that folder into the CMS Inbox?

GAL moves it in about once a minute, so the XML e-citation data doesn't stay on the Imaging share for long.

How does the e-citation vendor get data to the court? 

The new submission XML files need to get to the above-referenced location somehow.  Possible options: