Judge setup instructions

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[GAL internal note: detailed instructions here.] [Cnv- link, but link is dead, supposed to be https://sites.google.com/a/goodinassociates.com/galinternalkb/judge-user-group-assignment]

(Go to courtsupport.judici.com/4001 for PD, SA and private attorney setup instructions.) [Cnv link 4001]


--Call Kurt at Goodin Associates for help with this.

  1. Create a unique User ID in the iSeries.

  2. Set up the judge in the Security Table.

  3. Set up the judge in PC JIMS Imaging.

  4. Assign printers to the judge's User ID.

  5. Verify/add a judge in your Attorney Table.

    1. Their email address and ARDC number should be included (so Judici can identify them when they request access to their online documents).

    2. Your Attorney Table should include only one entry per judge.

    3. Click here for detailed instruction on how to fix attorney records. [Cnv- Google Drive link, but link is dead, https://002ab94d-a-8ae512e2-s-sites.googlegroups.com/a/judici.com/courtsupport/home/media/FIXING%20UP%20YOUR%20ATTORNEY%20ADDRESS%20RECORDS.pdf?attachauth=ANoY7cqgH_Nspo980tG_RYb_VUsjCyACwZ8ZTmUviws5DwTDsjNT4OjuyZHsc3fmTLgYzcGe22Sc-uQyLok0gnXa7e4gcJfXJBWBN1F71uEn6yYSN1t7T4LGIF-kpbwKuF03_GlWHeasfLmVYdBf6wT_3ka3QTac4-3nRzwtdno8XBxE_3gVzog_L7QWWdb8DH7_0ib89PQMMj13xLJIFTwxitTc7ioE1Ft08Zjk4iBJvjXZmovWROn1ZcndlGmzTa0tl4GI8nfhwIXahQt8D_Z1ofRyZuHfDg%3D%3D&attredirects=0]

  6. Verify/add a judge in your Judge Table.

    1. Ask the judge to Save their email address to PC JIMS. This needs to be done only one time.

      1. After signing in, click the GAL Support tab at lower right.

    2. Enter their Email Address, and Save.

  1. If a judge plans to sign documents electronically, get their signature into PC JIMS. See Electronic Signatures in PC JIMS. [Cnv custom URL 5003]

Judici setup

--Call Kat at Goodin Associates for help with this.

Direct judges with an existing Judici account to confirm their email and ARDC (under Account/User Information). They can use the Judici Contact Us link for help.

Judges who do not have an active Judici subscription can sign up for one.

  • Judges at Judici courts can be issued a free subscription by being added to the court's Judici free_subscriber list. After being added, they need to sign up.