If a document has black blobs in it when viewed in Imaging

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We have heard of pdf files which look fine to the filer, but have black blobs in them when viewed in Imaging:

This is rare, and seems to happen when a scanner makes pdfs containing JPEG2000 images. To avoid this, filers need to submit an "optimized" PDF. Here's how:

Adobe's workaround for this problem says that you can do the following in Acrobat or Adobe Reader in order to avoid this issue:

Resave the PDF in Acrobat as an Optimized PDF, using the Standard PDF Optimizer settings, or as a Reduced File Size PDF.

If the filer has a printer driver which lets them print to PDF like they were selecting any other printer, they can also open the file and printing it to a new pdf... which will often be free of the black blobs.

    • If the filer has the full-blown (paid) version of Adobe Acrobat, they should have a printer driver which does this.

    • Or, they can search the web for pdf printer drivers. This page lists a few, many of which are free.

Another option is for the filer to convert the file to a compressed/optimized pdf using online pdf file conversion tools. We used smallpdf.com (the "Compress PDF" option) on and it cleaned off the blobs nicely.