Local rules governing e-filing

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The Supreme Court e-filing standards call for certain e-filing practices to be spelled out in local rules, which have to be submitted for approval by the AOIC. Such rules were jointly drafted by Judici and the circuit in which we first implemented e-filing, and they've been tweaked by subsequent courts. We recommend that you look at the rules used in other courts, [Cnv link, but link is dead, https://sites.google.com/a/judici.com/subscribersupport/system/errors/NodeNotFound?suri=wuid://judici.com/subscribersupport/gx:71f52c9a5ddd0226&pli=1#TOC-Step-3:-Review-the-local-rules-and-other-court-specific-terms] and based yours on whichever court started e-filing most recently.

A modification you should make to existing e-filing rules: we have had problems with filers making filings containing documents which should really get separate file stamps. Since state e-filing standards call for documents to reserve space in the upper righthand corner for the file stamp, “combo” documents (such as a. motion and order on the same document) must be prohibited so that we don’t wind up with two e-filing filestamps in the same spot.

For this reason, we suggest that Section 7 of your local rules read something like this: