Keeping Judici up to date when you change your mail-in supervision form

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If you set Judici E-Pay up to allow people to get supervision online

Remember that the AOIC requires that your mail-in form and online process use the exact same lingo, so you need to keep Judici up to date whenever you change any of the following in your mail-in form:

    • Your traffic school registration form

    • The plea text shown on your mail-in supervision form

    • The eligibility requirements for supervision

How to see what Judici is using for this form and eligibility/plea lingo in your court

These three things are viewable online. Links may be found here [link to a new page containing a table of counties, with three columns: "Eligibility text", "Plea text", and "Traffic school app"]

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If you don't see your county in the list below, you can use the Effingham County links below, but change the court ID at the end of the address to use your court's ORI/NCIC code (if you don't remember your NCIC code, see note below):

If you get an error when you try a link which uses your ORI/NCIC code, then you don't do online supervision- call us if you would like to start. If any of your court's content on Judici is out of date, e-mail us a PDF or MS Word version of your current mail-in form, and we'll get everything updated.

To find your NCIC/ORI code

    1. Go to

    2. Select your court from the first drop-down on the page, and click the Go button next to it.

    3. When you get to the next page, copy the court ID value at the end of the URL/address. That is your court's NCIC/ORI code.