Judici rollout press release

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Local Court Improves Service with New Web Access to Court Data

*Clerk Name*, the *County Name* County Circuit Clerk, is pleased to announce the court’s participation in Judici.com, a centralized internet database which brings together publicly-available data from multiple courts. Put quote from Clerk here.

The available data includes criminal and civil cases, with the exception of child support payment info. Users can search by name or case number, select a case, and then view case info such as charges, criminal dispositions/sentences, civil judgments, account/payment history and the history of case proceedings. Naturally, data secured by court order or court procedure is not available.

Data for the court is available at no charge, as a public service [insert the appropriate option from the following]

[Option 1- Courts with their own home pages, not created/hosted by GAL

through our website]

, through the court’s website (http://www.exampleURL.org).

[Option 2- Courts with home pages created/hosted by GAL]

. This, and the other participating courts’ websites are accessible by clicking “Participating courts” on http://www.judici.com.

… Useful reports such as new case filings and court dockets are available as premium services, by subscription.

The court’s data is also available on http://www.judici.com. Users can click on the “Participating courts” link, or subscribe to get access to multi-court/multi-case searches, as well as personalized case lists and court schedules.

By choosing an approach which shares a single offsite web server among all of the participating courts, the Clerk’s office reduced the county’s initial cost to make the data available and eliminated security threats to county networks.

Put closing quote from Clerk here.