Exhibit F: E-citation Operating Guidelines

KB article ID:4500

Physical bail

The AOIC has said that it's necessary to identify which citations, if any, would have a physical bail which would be expected to be delivered by the law enforcement agency, such as DL or bond card. As of a 3/26/2015 e-mail, they were unclear as to whether the lack of such items should prevent the case from proceeding.

Must/may appear indicators

The must/may appear values from the e-citation vendor are for diagnostic purposes only, and are not used. PCJ will default the appearance flags based on the offense(s), just as it always has.

Township road flag

Our understanding on the township road flag was that the officer was supposed to indicate Township Road only when the township had a formal arrangement to share ticket revenues on their roads. Since courts seemed confused about this, we spoke with the AOIC about it on 11/4/2016. Essentially, they said that if the township maintains the road, they're supposed to get the revenue. No formal arrangement is necessary.

Because townships could theoretically take over road maintenance at any given point, the court should go ahead an make sure that all township be set up in JIMS.