Power outages and Judici EPay

KB article ID:1000

Because Judici E-Pay/E-Plea will never take anyone's money if it can't be recorded in the case management system, it can't function if the case management system is down. So you may want to take measures to minimize or at least become aware of outages.

    • Users of the JIMS case management system may wish to configure their i-series/AS400 to reboot automatically at a certain time of day, IF it is down, but that could leave you down for as much as a day. The AS400 can be set to reboot automatically after a power outage, but this isn't usually done because of the danger of multiple reboot attempts while power continues to fluctuate.

If you host the court's website on a web server which also goes out when power is lost at the court, consider using www.alertra.com, or some other monitoring service to notify you when your site is out. If the brochure you've given to law enforcement drives people to your website, which then in turn drives them to Judici's services, you should probably have your site monitored anyway. Otherwise you could be the "weak link". These monitoring services can call and/or text and/or e-mail you when your site is down.

Your power company may also have a way to notify you of outage.