Sample of traffic school registration notification e-mail

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Subject line: Traffic School Registration, Foozle County

Body of e-mail:


Name: John Smith

DOB: 12/21/1977

DLN/state: G123456789/IN

Gender: M

Ticket number: 123456

Ticket date: 4/10/2014


123 W. Main St.

Apt. B

Carbondale, IL, 62901


Daytime phone, including area code: (618) 549-123

E-mail address:

Mailing address (if different from the one on your ticket):

9876 S. 1st Ave., Unit L12

Murphysboro, IL, 62966

Class location: Jackson Co. – Sat. Morning

Are you in the United States on a visa (non-resident alien)?: Yes

If you answered “Yes”, what is your home country of origin?:

Are you from one or more of the following racial groups (select all that apply)?:

American Indian or Alaska Native

Black or African American