Macon Judici rollout status

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Things to do before our soft start

Prior to any big publicity push, we need to have a "soft start" in which some general public and Credit Collections Partners start using Judici. To make this possible, the following tasks remain:

    • Data fixes

      • Done- GAL automated data fix- will be run on Sat. Aug. 8th

      • Done- MCCC manual data fix (TR, DT, CM first)- start Mon. Aig 10th

    • Done- MCCC to make the changes to their existing web pages, as per mockups at

    • Done- Load data (approx. two days)

    • Done- Kayte: Activate the Collections web service for Credit Collections Partners. Have Jason speak with Kurt about billing Macon for costs which they will be passing on to CCP.

    • Planned for Tues. 8/25- Activate Judici E-Pay (existing A/Rs only, until e-guilty app is complete and approved by the AOIC).

Later rollout tasks

Before we can start up Judici E-Plea (traffic tickets)

    • MCCC needs to provide GAL and Jacque the online version of the Richland College traffic school application.

Other MCCC promotional tasks

    • Display and distribute Judici promotional materials at your counter (for public, attorneys and judges) -Kurt to provide

    • Facilitate e-mail blast to local attorneys. GAL to provide content of e-mail

Other training:

    • Kurt: Promotional materials for the general public and attorneys

    • Tony: The process for attorneys to register for a free trial of Courtlook (to see documents, etc.).

    • Jaime: How to confirm/record judge and attorney ARNs and email addresses in JIMS (required for Courtlook)