Guidelines For Client Admin Staff

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Merchant Account Fees


    • Because Service Provider absorbs Merchant Account Fees, debits executed by the Merchant Account Provider in conjunction with the Merchant Account will be charged to a bank account controlled and funded by Service Provider (hereinafter the "Merchant Account Debit Clearing Account").

    • Debits which are not Merchant Account Fees, such as chargebacks, will be invoiced to the Client.

Reimbursement of Merchant Account Fees

Contractual: The following charges will be invoiced to Client when incurred:

    • Charges incurred by Service Provider, but due from Client - charges to the Merchant Account Debit Clearing Account other than Merchant Account Fees (e.g. credits and chargebacks),

Support of Judici E-Pay/E-Plea users


    • Service Provider will serve as the first point of contact for Users of the Judici E-Pay/E-Plea Software. *Service Provider will refer the Users to the Client as necessary.

    • Service Provider will make available to such Users necessary FAQs on common questions such as "Why isn't my case eligible?"

    • The Service Provider's support shall be solely by e-mail.

    • If a User contacts the Client and it is necessary for the Client to refer the User to Service Provider, the Client shall direct the User to the Contact link on the Judici home page, at The court shall never give out Service Provider's telephone number, because it will tie up Service Provider technical support staff with many calls which could be handled more efficiently by referring Users to an FAQ.

Merchant compliance with PCI standards on handling credit card data [Cnv custom URL 3100]

Client-provided content used on


If the Court wants to change a Collateral Document used on (e.g. its traffic school form) or other court policy information such as filing fees, it should provide a copy to Service Provider at least seven (7) day in advance.

Make sure nobody changes AS400 settings set by GAL

    • AS400 must never be set to automatically IPL, or any ongoing payments will be interrupted.