Making a traffic school app which can be filled out online

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NOTE: Having a fillable PDF application does not guarantee that the violator will actually fill it in and send it in. It's just a PDF file. Every court offering mail-in supervision has a different traffic school application, so Judici has been unable to have online registration for traffic school. Instead, we just provide a PDF version of the application , and hope that they fill it out an mail/e-mail it.

This isn't really any different from the "paper" process- if the violator mails in a plea, but fails to enclose a traffic school app, their plea is still valid on the date they signed it. If they never send it in, all the court can do is wait until their supervision period is up, then revoke/vacate their supervision.

How can the school make their form "fillable"?

    • Use the Form Wizard found in the full-blown version of Adobe Acrobat (not the free Reader app). If you create the form fields in Microsoft Word, following the rules for making forms in your word processor which Adobe can easily convert into a fillable form, [Cnv link 2800] you can then save the word processor file as a pdf and use the Form Wizard to convert the input fields on a document into fillable fields.

    • Use the full version of Adobe. But if you do it that way, all subsequent changes will need to be made in Adobe rather than your word processor. A Google search on "making fillable forms in Adobe Acrobat" will provide demos and other tutorial on how this can be done using various Adobe products.