Assign users to Extended Access security groups

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Judges, PDs, SAs and attorneys of record who are correctly set up in a given court's JIMS system, are automatically added to the clerk's automatic security groups. Others require that the Clerk manually put them into their appropriate Judici Extended Access security group. --Feel free to call Kat for help with this.

    1. Log into Judici with your court administrator account.

    2. Go to the Court Admin link.

    3. Go to Group Assignments.

    4. At bottom of the security group to which you want to add a user, click Add User.

    5. Search for the user to add:

      1. Search by User ID. This is the preferred method for locating a specific user account.

        1. Individual users will have to tell you their User ID. It will appear in their account registration email.

        2. They can also locate their User ID by logging into Judici, and accessing the User Information tab under the My:Account screen.

      2. Search by Email. This is the second best method for locating a specific user account.

        1. While wildcards can be used to help locate the account if no result is returned by the full email address, we strongly advise against this.

      1. Search by Name. This is a search of last resort, and is not recommended.

        1. Unlike the litigant search, this is in the format of "First Name Last Name".

        2. Wildcards can be used to expand the search, but are strongly discouraged.

        3. Using Name search to add a user to an EA group significantly increases the risk of picking the wrong individual.

    1. Once located, click the user's name to add them to this group.

    2. To REMOVE a user from an Extended Access security group, click Drop to the far right of their name.