Implementing Judici E-Plea and E-Pay services

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This is not part of the E-Pay Operating Guidelines, but it is part of the Welcome Packet

The following steps are required to activate our e-plea services:
  1. For courts which do supervision for amounts more than cost of ticket plus a traffic school fee
  2. Judici and AOIC paperwork
  3. While the AOIC is reviewing your application
  4. AOIC site visit- the AO typically schedules an onsite visit to talk with you about related court practices and procedures. They also like to have us put on a demo (over the internet) of the e-plea process. So once they schedule their visit, let us know and we'll do a "pre-demo" for you so you are clear on Judici's role in things before the AO site visit.

  5. AOIC approves the e-guilty application

  6. Court addresses AOIC procedural concerns, if any 

  7. Activate E-plea

  8. Training- once the court has taken a handful of payments over a few days