Implementing Judici E-Plea and E-Pay services

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This is not part of the E-Pay Operating Guidelines, but it is part of the Welcome Packet

The following steps are required to activate our e-plea services:
  1. For courts which do supervision for amounts more than cost of ticket plus a traffic school fee
  2. Judici and AOIC paperwork
    • If you court previously established with the AOIC a mail-in supervision program in compliance with SCR 529(c), you'll have to include it with your application, so that the AOIC can make sure that the lingo used online matches that in the mail-in form.  But first, send it to Judici for use to advise you on tweaks necessary to use mail-in supervision content  online.
  3. While the AOIC is reviewing your application
  4. AOIC site visit- the AO typically schedules an onsite visit to talk with you about related court practices and procedures. They also like to have us put on a demo (over the internet) of the e-plea process. So once they schedule their visit, let us know and we'll do a "pre-demo" for you so you are clear on Judici's role in things before the AO site visit.

  5. AOIC approves the e-guilty application

  6. Court addresses AOIC procedural concerns, if any 

  7. Activate E-plea

  8. Training- once the court has taken a handful of payments over a few days