PC JIMS Judge setup

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Set up judges to use PC JIMS or Judici to remotely access documents and data in all of their courts. (Click here for attorney setup instructions.)

For access, the court must also Establish the security privileges by CMS group

Call Goodin Associates for help with the following. We can even guide you through setting up a judge with a Judici account. Since judge accounts have more capabilities than a clerk's, this would let us show you how judge accounts work.

Collect judge info

Begin by collecting the following from each of your judges. Use the spreadsheet at the end of this write-up to track/record your info –the left side for your judge info, the right side to track your rollout.

  • Full name
  • ARDC (their Attorney Registration Number)
  • Email address
  • A desired PC JIMS User ID, e.g. the judge’s initials (preferably 3-letters). If the judge is already on your system, make note of their User ID. If the judge is already on at another PC JIMS court, get their User ID to create the same on your system. You can assign a temporary password that the judge can change once on the system.
  • A scanned copy of the judge’s signature. Alternately, use of a signature pad to capture the judge’s signature during setup. Signature capture will enable a judge to electronically sign digital documents in PC JIMS.
  • A list of the courts in which the judge presides --presumably within your Circuit.

Set up judges in PC JIMS

  1. Create a unique User ID in the iSeries for each judge. Call Goodin Associates for help. Ask for Kurt.
    1. Log in to an old-school iSeries Client session. Administrator clearance required.
    2. Create a new User ID most easily by copying the User ID from an existing judge.
    3. Judge User IDs should indicate:

      User class = *USER
      Assistance level = *SYSVAL
      Current library = GALCRT
      Initial menu = MNUJDG
      Library = GALCRT
    4. Assign a temporary password. Your judge can easily change it in PC JIMS the first time they sign in (Technical\Other\Change Password). Password requirements:

      up to 10 characters
      letters and numbers only, no special characters
      must begin with a letter
      CAPS do not matter
  2. Set up a Security Table entry for the judge's User ID in PC JIMS.
    1. Go to PC JIMS (Technical\System Tables\Edit Security Table).
    2. Add the new User ID using the yellow box at left-bottom, and Add.
    3. Easily copy an existing judge's Security Table settings by Right-click and Copy on an existing judge's User ID, then Left-click and Paste on the newly created User ID (find it at far right).
    4. Modify the new User ID settings as needed, and Save.
  3. Set up the judge's User ID with printer assignments in PC JIMS.
    1. Most judges' PC JIMS printing needs will be met using their Windows printer. Even so, their PC JIMS install will require a default iSeries printer setup. 
    2. Log in to PC JIMS. An Administrator-level User ID required.
      1. Go to Technical\System Tables\Edit Printer Assignments.
      2. Scroll to the very bottom of the table. 
      3. Click on the blank box at bottom of the Workstation column. 
      4. Type the judge's PC JIMS User ID in that box, and hit the Tab key. 
        1. Repeat this for each judge that you need to setup. 
      5. Once all judge User IDs have been added to the column, assign each either a specific printer for each print field, or set up one, and copy it to all the other new User IDs. 
        1. To copy, right click in the box to the left of a User ID or Workstation ID that's been completed, and click Copy. 
        2. Then, right click in the blank box to the left of a judge User ID, and click Paste. 
        3. Repeat for each judge User ID to fill in their printer fields. 
        4. Click Save at bottom.
  4. Set up (verify) the judge in your Attorney Address record. The Attorney Record for each judge should include their ARDC number and email address.
    1. Go to PC JIMS (Technical\Case Management Tables\Edit Attorneys).
    2. Search for your judge's name on the Name Tab of the Attorney Hub to determine if they're already in your system: they may have been entered when they served as an attorney, maybe with the wrong ARDC, or with an abbreviated name. They may have been entered incorrectly,… maybe multiple times.
    3. If your search yields no entries, you need to add the judge to this table.
      1. Go to File/New Attorney
      2. Enter their information, and Save.
      3. ARDC
        Attorney name (Last name, First name)
        Address (use the courthouse address)
        Email address
    4. If your search yields one or more entries, confirm which, if any, is the correct one.
      1. Double‐click it to enter the Edit Attorney screen to review/correct the judge’s information as needed, and Save.
    5. If your search yields multiple entries for the same judge, you need to fix this. You should finish with only one correct entry for your judge.
      1. If none of your entries are for the right person, go to File\New Attorney to create a new Attorney Record with the judge’s correct information, as described above.
      2. Once you have a correct Attorney Record for the judge, clean up the bad records associated with their name.
        1. Search for the judge by name using the Name tab.
        2. Right-click on an entry with an incorrect Regis. No. (ARDC), and choose Change Regis.
        3. This will reach out to your data and search for any cases associated with this Regis number (ARDC).
        4. Your search will yield the number of cases associated with this ARDC in the Count column. It may also show more than one judge/attorney, which means those individuals were at one time associated with that ARDC.
        5. Convert the counts/cases associated with your judge.
          1. Begin by typing the judge’s name (last name, first name) in the New Name column alongside the entry to be converted.
            1. This will generate a drop-down menu in that column. Click it to show every Attorney Address Record with the judge’s name.
          2. Click on the correct Attorney Record to select it. The New Regis column will populate with the judge’s correct ARDC.
          3. If your screen also shows other attorneys associated with the same ARDC, search for a better Address Record for them too. Locate entries that are associated with an actual ARDC, if possible. If you don’t find better, leave these records unconverted.
          4. f you assigned a more correct Attorney Address Record to each entry, you’ll see that an option box at bottom left to “Delete attorney record after re-numbering,” becomes available. Take this option to ensure that the Attorney Address Record you are converting is deleted after it’s converted. (If not all entries were converted, this option should not be available.)
          5. Click Save.
          6. Click OK when done.
        6. Search for the judge by name, again, using the Name tab. This will show that the bad entry is gone, the good entry is still there, and any other bad Attorney Record for the judge that needs to be corrected.
        7. Repeat the above steps to correct other bad Attorney Record entries for the judge.
    6. For more detailed instruction on how to fix your Attorney Records, go to courtsupport.judici.com/4000.
  5. Set up (verify) the judge in your Judge record.
    1. Go to PC JIMS (Technical/Case Management Tables/Edit Judges).
    2. If the judge's name is listed in the Value column, but no other info, type their ARDC number under Regis. No. Their other info should populate:
    3. Value = judge’s last name
      Active = should be checked if the judge is active in your court
      Regis No. = judge’s ARDC
      User ID = judge’s PC JIMS User ID
      Name = Last name, First name
      Email Address
    4. Add the judge's PC JIMS User ID to the User ID column, if missing, and Save.
    5. If the judge’s name is not listed in the Value column, you need to add it to your list.
      1. Double-click in the first available box at the bottom of your list in the Value column.
      2. Enter the judge’s last name, then complete the remaining parameters.
      3. Don’t forget to enter the judge’s PC JIMS User ID.
      Note: judges no longer active in your court should be deactivated. Simply un-check the box in the Active column next to their name.
  6. Set up the judge's User ID in PC JIMS Imaging
    1. Log in to PC JIMS Imaging with an Administrator-level User ID. 
    2. Go to PC JIMS Imaging (Technical\Users)
    3. Go to (File\Import JIMS User IDs) 
    4. Locate the new User ID in the far left column, check the box in the Import column, and click Import at bottom. 
    5. Click on the new User ID to select it. 
    6. At bottom, select User group: JUDGE, and Imaging group: CIRCUIT CLERK, if needed, and Save. 
  7. Ask the judge to Save their email address to PC JIMS. This needs to be done only one time. 
    1. Ask the judge to sign into PC JIMS. 
    2. Click the GAL Support tab at lower right. 
    3. Enter their Email Address, the same that’s associated with their Judici account, and Save.

Set up judges to sign documents electronically in PC JIMS Imaging

  1. If a judge plans to sign documents electronically, you need to get their signature into PC JIMS. See Electronic Signatures in PC JIMS for info on how to capture and apply signatures.

Set up judges for remote access to confidential documents and data in all of their courts

  1. Judges need a Judici account for this
    1. Judge already has an existing Judici account
      1. Judges who already have a Judici account should log into it to confirm that their info (under Account/User Information) is correct. 
        • Attorney registration number (ARDC) must be correct
        • Email address must match that on record at the court
        • Type of Business must indicate “Judicial”
    2. Judge does not yet have a Judici account
      1. Add judges that do not already have a free Judici account to your free subscribers list.
        1. Go to www.judici.com
        2. Click SUBSCRIBERS at the top left.
        3. Log in with your Circuit Clerk administrator account --probably your email address.
        4. Click freesubscriber_admin, under Services/Service
        5. Enter the judge’s email address, and click Add Email to List
        6. You should get a message, “Update Successful”, as well as show the judge’s email address in your list. If the judge has yet to sign up for their subscription, your list will indicate “NO MATCH FOUND” under the User Name associated with that judge. This will update once the judge signs up.
      2. Direct the judge to sign up for their Judici account
        1. Direct the judge to http://subscribersupport.judici.com/1300 for instructions on how to sign up for their free subscription, and more.
        2. This will go more smoothly if you first add the judge to your free subscribers list.