Attorney setup instructions --for Judici access to all their documents and data

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Set up attorneys to use Judici to remotely access all of their documents and data in all of their courts. (Click here for judge setup instructions.)

For access, the court must also Establish the security privileges by CMS group

Call Goodin Associates for help with the following.


Setup for ALL attorneys (private, SA and PD)

Link an attorney to their email address in PC JIMS, so that Judici can identify them when they request access to their online documents.

  1. Set up (verify) an attorney in your Attorney Address record. It should include the attorney's ARDC number and email address.

1.    Go to PC JIMS (Technical\Case Management Tables\Edit Attorneys).

2.    Search for the attorney's name on the Name Tab of the Attorney Hub to determine if they're already in your system: they may have been previously entered, maybe with the wrong ARDC, or with an abbreviated name. They may have been entered incorrectly multiple times.

            a.   If no record found, search by ARDC, email address and/or alternate spellings of their name.

3.    If your search yields no entries, add the attorney to this table.

a.    Go to File/New Attorney

b.    Enter their information, and Save.

·         ARDC

·         Attorney name (Last name, First name)

·         Address (use the courthouse address)

·         Email address

4.    If your search yields one or more entries, confirm which, if any, is the correct one.

a.    Double‐click it to enter the Edit Attorney screen to review/correct the attorney's information as needed, and Save.

5.    If your search yields multiple entries for the same attorney, (either under different spelling of the same name, or the wrong ARDC) you need to fix this. You should finish with only one correct entry for the attorney.

a.    If none of the entries are for the right person, go to File\New Attorney to create a new entry with the attorney's correct information, as described above.

b.    Once you have a correct entry for the attorney, you need to clean up the bad entries.

          1. Identify the bad attorney entries you located.
          2. Right-click on an entry with an incorrect Regis. No., and choose Change Regis.
          3. Retype the attorney's name (last name, first name) alongside the incorrect entry, in the New Name column.
          4. Once entered, click the drop-down menu that appears to see all entries with the attorney's name.
          5. Select the correct entry, and check the box that reads “Delete attorney record after re-numbering.” This will delete the bad attorney entry.
          6. Click Save.
          7. Click OK when done.
          8. Search for the same name again. This will show that the bad entry is gone.
          9.  Repeat this procedure to correct all bad entries.
                            6.  Click here for more detailed instruction on how to fix attorney records.

                                   7.  Direct attorneys to Save their email address to PC JIMS.
                                        a.   Ask your attorneys to log into PC JIMS.
                                        b.   Click the GAL Support tab at lower right.
                                        c.   Enter their Email Address, the same that's associated with their Judici account, and Save.

Setup specific to State's Attorneys and Public Defenders

SAs- go to their attorney record and associate them with a firm called "SA"

Full-time PDs- go to their attorney record and associate them with a firm called "PD"

Conflict/part-time PDs- when assigning them to the case (using the Case tab of the Litigant Information screen),  set their capacity to indicate their role as PD or Conflict PD on the case.

In regard to a part-time PD, even if they are your only PD

PDs that also have a private practice and may have active cases in your court cannot be issued blanket access rights to all their cases via our automated approach. Instead, make sure to use the PD capacity/role code when you assign them to a case. At that point, they'll be assigned to the necessary security group.   

How to: When assigning a part-time PD to a case, using the Case tab of the Litigant Information screen, set their capacity to indicate their role as PD on the case.

    1. Get to the case from the hub
    2. Right-click a defendant, and select Edit Case
    3. Highlight a litigant, and go to Case TAB.
    4. At "Attorneys" at bottom, identify the "Litigant" (attorney), and set their "Cap." (capacity) to PD.
    5. Note: to get your hands on only those cases in which a specific attorney serves in the capacity of Conflict Attorney, go to PC JIMS/Courts/Case Management/Reports/General/Attorney Caseload. Search by Name or ARN, and under Attorney Capacity, select PUBDEF (provided that you indicate when an attorney acts in this capacity). If instead, your practice is to indicate this info on a case in some other way, e.g. in the Record sheet, let us know: we may be able to help you get your hands on just those cases.

Judici setup

Attorneys who do not have a Judici account should sign up for one

  1. Direct attorneys to for instruction on how to sign up for a Judici account, and more.
  2. An attorney employed full-time at a Judici court, e.g. State's Attorney or Public Defender, can be set up for a free subscription. Contact your Circuit Clerk.

Attorneys with an existing Judici account should confirm their info

  1. Attorneys who already have a Judici account should log into it to confirm that their info (under Account/User Information) is correct. They can use the Judici Contact Us link if they need help.
    • Attorney registration number (ARDC) must be correct
    • Email address must match that on record at the court
    • Type of Business must indicate “Attorney”