Circuit Clerk: Attorney setup instructions --for access to Courtlook

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Part 1: Direct attorneys to sign up for a Judici subscription
  1. Attorneys can go to for instructions on how to sign up for a Judici account, and more. Once signed up, they will be able to take advantage of the numerous services for attorneys, including online access to their case documents and getting their calendar into Outlook.

  2. Attorneys who already have a Judici account should log into their account to confirm that their user information  (ARDC and email address) match that on record in the court’s PC JIMS system. If it does not match, they will not have access to some of Courtlook's key features (e.g. case file document access). They can fix their user information, or contact GAL using their e-mail address on their Judici account for help.

  3. Attorneys need to contact each court in which they practice to confirm that their ARDC and e-mail address are correctly entered in PC JIMS.

Part 2: PC JIMS attorney setup

  1. Link an attorney to their email address so that Judici can identify them when they request access to their online documents.

    1. From the PC JIMS Technical menu, go to Case Management Tables/Edit Attorneys.

      1. Search for an attorney by name by accessing the Name Tab of the Attorney Hub.

      2. If you locate their attorney address record, double-click it to enter the Edit Attorney screen. Confirm/edit the entry to include the attorney’s ARDC number and email address. This must match the info on their Judici account.

      3. If no record found, search by ARDC, email address and/or alternate spellings of their name.

      4. Multiple spellings of the same attorney will need to be corrected. Only one name can be associated with a given ARDC and email address.

    2. To add a new attorney to PC JIMS, use the File menu to add New Attorney

    3. Click Save when done.