Promoting Judici E-Pay

KB article ID:1100

The goal of Judici E-Pay is to save the Clerk time and money by getting as many pleas and payments as possible done on Judici.  Courts have increased participation several times over by doing the following:
  1. Make sure your website has links to your e-pay and e-plea services
  2. If your phone system has recorded instructions, make sure those refer people to your website or Judici.
  3. Promote e-plea on handouts and envelopes
  4. Promote e-pay at your payment counter 
  5. Make a press release
  6. Switch off other online payment services so Judici can save you as much time as possible
  7. Contact IACC to make sure that you are listed on the e-pay page of the Illinois Association of Court Clerks website (  Also make sure that link goes either to your website or directly to your e-pay search page for your court