Remote Access Policy (RAP)- restrictions on online record access

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Revised: 9/7/2021

Disclaimer: We are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, but the following is our understanding of the issues surrounding online document access.

A May 30 2017 order (see here) initially called for re:SearchIL.

Published in later December and effective 1/1/2020, the Supreme Court Remote Access Policy (RAP) and the order issuing it (both available here), can be summarized as indicated below.  For the relevant RAP sections see RAP excerpts.

Note especially that the prohibition on showing Confidential Records, even to Attorneys of Record, as per para. 3e on p. 6.

Also note that he RAP doesn't apply to CMS users such as judges, SAs, PDs and POs, which the Clerk can configure to have more access than other online users such as private attorneys.