Remote Access Policy (RAP)- restrictions on online record access

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Disclaimer: We are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, but the following is our understanding of the issues surrounding online document access.

Published in later December and effective 1/1/2020, the Supreme Court Remote Access Policy (RAP) and the order issuing it (both available here), can be summarized as indicated below.  For the relevant RAP sections see RAP excerpts.

Note especially that the prohibition on showing Confidential Records, even to Attorneys of Record, as per para. 3e on p. 6.

Also note that he RAP doesn't apply to CMS users such as judges, SAs, PDs and POs, which the Clerk can configure to have more access than other online users such as private attorneys.

GAL note: Highlighting reflects testing logged here.


Confidential Records the stuff secured at the court)
Non-Public  DocumentsAvail. to all user groups (public case type)  Notes
 Case types
AD, J, JA, JD, MH and other items restricted under the RKM)CC,CF,CH,CL,CM,CV,D,DT,
AR, ED, L, LM, MC, TX 
 Case "metadata" (case #/title, party name, atty)Not shown
 Document index/title
Not shown
 DocumentsNot shown
Not shownShown 
User Group

  No  No** Per this order: delayed pending the successful testing conducted by User Group 5, at which time expansion of remote access will be considered
 5Licensed attorneys (not the attorney of record)No
Yes (doc. index only)
 (docs filed after  1/1/2020 only)

* Per this order: initially limited to a small subset of testers from an ISBA technical committee
 2Attorneys of RecordNoYesYes 
 1JudgesOnly on Judici*
 Yes (all dates*)

 4Clerk staff
Only on Judici* Yes Yes (all dates*)
CMS users
The RAP doesn't apply to CMS users.  So Clerks  can configure Judici as they see fit for CMS users.
  Automatic security groups
 - Judges

- SAs/ASAs
 As directed by Clerk
 As directed by ClerkYes (incl, pre-1/1/2020 docs if desired)
 - PDs"
 - POs using PC JIMS Probation module
 " " 
  Extended Access groups- Clerk manually assigns users their own custom groups.  For example:

  - Juvenile POs
 As directed by Clerk As directed by Clerk As directed by Clerk 
  - Judges seeing open warrants