E-Filing setup

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Not included in E-Filing Operating Guidelines

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Here are the key steps to roll out e-filing:


If this wasn't done during the sales process, we'll do a demo of the entire process.  It will show the entire process, from the attorney's involvement thru the court's.

Application process

Implement the required local rules

Get required input from users

Apply to the AOIC to do e-filing

After the AOIC approves the application

Set up your civil filing fees

Judici process for filing fee determination can be found here.

Define court-specific setup instructions

Update your website to reflect e-filing

Register attorneys for your e-business services, including e-filing


This can be accomplished in one day:

  • One session is for attorneys and/or their staff.  Some Clerk staff should also attend, so they understand the attorney's side of things.  Feel free to mark up our flyer for this training, or cut and paste from it to make your own.
  • The other session is for Circuit Clerk staff


Issue a press release

Activate the appropriate ad, based on whether the court has Docs, E-Filing, or both.

Judici activates e-filing