The eFileIL spreadsheet for establishing each court's standards


Revised: 10/20/2016


The eFileIL interface has always been based on three key codes which get set up in an eFileIL configuration spreadsheet- the broadest is Case Category, then it breaks down to Case Type, then Filing Fee.  In early September, their sample configuration spreadsheet was putting the AOIC case types into the CaseType bucket (naturally).

The Judici EFSP used by filers is based on that same filing fee.  But it goes a step further- it lets each court set up a list of the case subtypes which are included in each of their filing fees.  So in the previous example, we would link the Property Foreclosure and  Lien Foreclosure subtypes to the Commercial Foreclosure fee.  Judici then requires them to pick a case subtype when filing their complaint, so we can just "look up" which filing fee is tied to that subtype. 

On Sep. 14th, eFileIL advised that they were shifting everything up a level- the standard Illinois case types were moved into the CaseCategory code, and the Case Type codes are now broken down based on one or more subtypes

All of the following is moot

In the Oct. 19th meeting of the statewide configuration committee, it was (for the first time) indicated that the committee would be standardizing the "subtype" codes to be used in Illinois, and the committee saw no reason to break things down more than the groups of subtypes having a given filing fee.  

Configuration steps to ensure that the subtype is known when a new case is initiated on eFileIL

If the only goal is to break things down enough to determine the filing fee, then most CT entries correspond to multiple subtypes.  To ensure that a the subtype can be determined for each new case
  • Make a CT entry for every subtype (see list below)
  • Tie each entry to the appropriate Filing Fee record by filling in the FF Ref Code on the CT tab..  There will usually be more than one subtype tied to the same filing fee.

If court staff have any problem with this configuration, they can contact Jaime in our office.

Why have filers provide every different subtype, even when some have the same filing fees?

It lets both complaint and answer fees be determined more precisely.  If you just offer a list of different filing fees without tying them to subtype, filers might be tempted to just pick the cheapest

Also, court operations depend on subtype in
a variety of ways:
  • Workflow processes such as automated routing certain sorts of filings to a particular judge might depend on subtype (especially in MR cases, which vary widely in nature)
  • Some AOIC stat reports are generated based on subtype (e.g. AO Report H on Orders of Protection)
  • Certain subtypes are the basis of restrictions on what data can be shown to the general public (e.g. drug court, search warrants).

    Case subtype list

    Revise 10/7/2016, because previous list was incomplete.

    105Partnership DissolutionCH
    106Specific PerformanceCH
    108Will ContestP
    109Construct WillP
    110Construct Inter Vivos TrustCH
    111Construct Testamentary TrustCH
    112Trust AdministrationCH
    113Quiet TitleCH
    114Adverse PossessionCH
    115Exhume a BodyCH
    117Recision of ContractCH
    118Restraining OrderCH
    119Structured Settlement, OriginalCH
    121Res Mortgage Foreclosure Tier 1CH
    122Res Mortgage Foreclosure Tier 2CH
    123Res Mortgage Foreclosure Tier 3CH
    124Res Property Foreclosure Tier 1CH
    125Res Property Foreclosure Tier 2CH
    126Res Property Foreclosure Tier 3CH
    127Res Lien Foreclosure Tier 1CH
    128Res Lien Foreclosure Tier 2CH
    129Res Lien Foreclosure Tier 3CH
    131Comm Mortgage ForeclosureCH
    132Comm Property ForeclosureCH
    133Comm Lien ForeclosureCH
    152Legal SeparationD
    153Declaration of InvalidityD
    202Marriage LicenseF
    203Parentage ActF
    204Registration/Foreign SupportF
    205Order of ProtectionOP
    206Violation/Order of ProtectionF
    207Petition for CustodyF
    209Petition for VisitationF
    210Child SupportF
    211Waiver of Parental NotificationF
    212Confidential IntermediaryF
    213Delayed Record of BirthF
    214Notice to Putative FatherF
    252Req Authoritative InterventionJ
    254Neglected or AbusedJ
    303Confession of JudgmentL
    304Forcible Entry & DetainerLM
    305Distress for RentL
    306Act by State to Recover ContribL
    307Arbitration and AwardL
    312Register/Foreign JudgmentL
    313Wrongful DeathL
    325Forcible Entry & Detain<=$15000LM
    326Forcible Entry & Detain>$15000LM
    330Tort-Dmg $10000.01 - $15000LM
    332Tort-Dmg $15000.01-$50000LM
    335Tort-Dmg $50000.01+L
    340Contract-Dmg $10000.01 -$15000LM
    342Contract-Dmg $15000.01-$50000LM
    345Contract-Dmg $50000.01+L
    354Petition/Outpatient AdmissionMH
    355Pet/Administer TreatmentMH
    401Administrative ReviewMR
    403Burnt RecordsMR
    404Change of NameMR
    405Corporation DissolutionMR
    406Declaratory JudgmentMR
    408Abatement of NuisanceMR
    410Election ContestMR
    413Habeas CorpusMR
    414Lost Goods or MoneyMR
    416No ExeatMR
    417Quo WarrantoMR
    419Search WarrantMR
    423Confirmation of Election JudgesMR
    424Appoint Special ProsecutorMR
    426Appointment of ReceiverMR
    428Fictitious Vital RecordMR
    429Peace Bond ComplaintMR
    430Pet/Discovery or DeposeMR
    431Pet/Decl Sexually ViolentMR
    432Statutory Summary SuspensionMR
    433Intrastate ProbationMR
    434Interstate ProbationMR
    435Probable CauseMR
    436Civil Law ViolationMR
    451Petition to Organize Mun CorpMC
    452Petition to Dissolve Mun CorpMC
    453Other Municipal Corp IssuesMC
    454Petition to Form Drainage DistMC
    455Pet/Chg Form of GovernmentMC
    456Pet/Disconnect fr Fire DistrictMC
    475Civil No Contact OrderOP
    476Stalking No Contact OrderOP
    501Estate of DecedentsP
    503Guardianship/Disabled AdultP
    505Construct/Testamentary TrustP
    511Estate of Decedents<=$15000P
    512Estate of Decedents>$15000P
    550Tax Collection $10,000 or LessSC
    561Tort-Dmg $.01-$250SC
    562Tort-Dmg $250.01-$500SC
    563Tort-Dmg $500.01-$2500SC
    564Tort-Dmg $2500.01-$5000SC
    565Tort-Dmg $5000.01-$7500SC
    566Tort-Dmg $7500.01-$10000SC
    571Contract-Dmg $.01-$250SC
    572Contract-Dmg $250.01-$500SC
    573Contract-Dmg $500.01-$2500SC
    574Contract-Dmg $2500.01-$5000SC
    575Contract-Dmg $5000.01-$7500SC
    576Contract-Dmg $7500.01-$10000SC
    601Annual Tax SaleTX
    602Tax ObjectionTX
    603Tax DeedTX
    604Scavenger SaleTX
    605Retailer's Occupation TaxTX
    606Petition for Tax RefundTX
    607Tax ForeclosureTX
    608Tax InjunctionTX
    609Tax Commission, Review DecisionTX
    610Drainage AssessmentTX
    611Special AssessmentTX
    612Foreclosure of Lien/Spec AssessTX
    613Restrain/Change Spec AssessTX
    614Sale in ErrorTX
    701Drug Court
    702Mental Health Court