Establishing Judici security groups and assigning users to them


Judici has security rules which you can align with PC JIMS secuity in order to provide online access on a "need to know" basis.

Types of security groups

Automatic security groups- for the broad categories of users already set up in the PC JIMS CMS
  • Judges
  • Attorneys of Record
  • State's Attorney
  • Public Defenders
  • Probation Officers
  • Appointed Conflict PDs and Guardians Ad Litem (on hold)

Extended Access security groups- these are customizable by the court, in order to control access more precisely.  For example:
  • Example 1: Your full judge or PO group access for judges might not include documents and data on juvenile cases, but custom EA groups might grant that only to specific individuals.
  • Example 2: You might also find use for other groups, such as "PD users with access to warrants" or "POs with access to juvenile documents and data."

Establish the desired security groups and their privileges

Call us (Kat), and we'll walk you through what is required:
  • Automatic security groups- require Exhibit D2 -Automatic Extended Access Security Groups form
  • Extended Access security groups- requires Exhibit D2 -Extended Access Security Groups form

Assign users to automatic security groups

As long as users are set up properly in PC JIMS CMS, this is automatic.  Contact us (Kurt), and we'll walk you through how to check that everyone is set up correctly.