XML schema considerations

KB article ID: 1700

When providing data to Judici, the court should provide those data fields which are covered in Judici's CourtDataTransferFile schema.  Judici took pains not to dictate exact data values, except in a few situations required in order to properly secure non-public cases or control functions such as E-Pay/E-Plea services.  In these situations, the schema has an enumerated list of allowed values.  Searching for "<xs:restriction base" in the schema will locate all such data. 

Whether that schema or a court/vendor schema is used is negotiable, because:
  • Some vendors and courts might choose to use Judici's schema rather than expose their schema or data structures. 
  • Others may prefer not to face the research and work necessary to map their schema to Judici's.  In such situations, they should forward their schema or other data structure description (along with some sample data) to Judici for a proposal to have Judici accommodation data in that schema. Just make sure to supply enough information to make an unambiguous cross-reference.